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Optonicus' focus is to help customers make their optical systems truly intelligent.


  • Atmospheric Imaging
  • Laser Communications
  • Laser Target Tracking
  • Directed Energy
  • Remote Sensing


  • National Security
  • Telecommunications
  • Education
  • Medical
  • Laser Material Processing


Leading Innovations in Intelligent Optical Systems

Optonicus has well established expertise and provides unique technical solutions in the following areas of development:

  • Wavefront and beam control hardware including beam steering and deformable mirrors, wavefront sensors, beam and image quality sensors, and controllers.
  • Design and integration of adaptive optics systems for directed energy, laser illumination, target tracking, designation, active and passive imaging, atmospheric sensing, and characterization
  • Numerical simulation of atmospheric effects and their impact on performance of various optical systems; analysis includes target in-the-loop propagation, anisoplanatic imaging, speckle, thermal blooming, and refractive effects. High-speed wave-optics simulation tools are based on GPU/CUDA technology.
  • Conformal optical systems including fiber-array based adaptive laser beam projection systems, sparse imaging systems, coherent LIDAR, laser tracking, and remote sensing systems.
  • Advanced control and signal/image processing algorithms for mitigation of negative impact of non-linear optical, turbulence (atmospheric and underwater), and jitter effects.
  • Adaptive free-space laser communication systems that are robust, light-weight, secure, and operate at high data rates for advanced communications.

Latest News!

Optics.org News Desk:
Optonicus "has precisely hit a target from 7 kilometres, thanks in large part to a 21-element optical phased array (OPA) that maintains good beam quality over such large stand-off distances."


Stars and Stripes:
High power laser technology could 'revolutionize' manufacturing. The directed-energy technology is being developed at the University of Dayton.

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