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Optonicus is a high technology company, located in Dayton, Ohio, working in the emerging technology areas of atmospheric sensing and imaging, adaptive optics, optical communications, coherent beam combining, and numerical performance analysis of atmospheric optics systems. Optonicus has recently been awarded several new government contracts and we are offering opportunities to leverage your technical experience and interpersonal skills for something more than a simple paycheck. If this sounds like the type of environment you are seeking at this point in your career, and if your background meets these qualifications, please apply. We will offer a competitive salary, benefits and the potential for stock options with Optonicus. Since Optonicus is a rapidly expanding organization, it means that significant opportunities exists for career advancement and professional development.

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JOB OPENING: Senior Optical Engineer/Researcher
LOCATION: Dayton, Ohio
JOB TYPE: Employee, Full-Time


Optonicus is currently seeking a Senior Optical Engineer/Researcher responsible for continuous development of new products primarily in the area of fiber optics. The ideal candidate will contribute to the optical design of fiber-based lasers and will join our optical research and development team. The candidate will execute and lead experimental research in broad areas of atmospheric optics and active/adaptive optical systems for atmospheric imaging and beam projection. Responsibilities include management of customer projects, plans, reports, and development of new proposals.


  • Degree (PhD. preferred) in physics, optics, or an equivalent field, with more than five years of experience working in an optics lab environment;
  • Experience with experimental electro-optics hardware, including lasers, detectors, testing equipment, optical and fiber-optics components;
  • Experience in the integration and performance evaluation of complicated opto-electronic systems;
  • Knowledge and experience in interfacing of optical sensors (photo-detectors, CCDs, etc.) and controllable modules (beam steering mirrors, gimbals, etc.) with computers;
  • Knowledge of atmospheric and adaptive optics, wave propagation, wavefront sensing and control techniques;
  • Understanding the impact of environmental distortion factors (e.g. jitter, atmospheric turbulence, noise) on the performance of atmospheric optics and imaging systems;
  • Ability to collaborate with a diverse group of researchers/engineers, plan a technology roadmap, write reports, proposals, prepare and lead presentations and meetings;
  • Perform computer simulations and evaluate optical/opto-mechanical specifications;
  • Proven record in managing R&D projects;
  • US citizenship or permanent resident.


  • Proficiency in programming languages (e.g. MATLAB, LabView, and/or C++) to analyze data or to model system performance.
  • Experience in a leadership role of technology or product development, from initial design to testing.
  • Knowledge of various fiber types (advantages and disadvantages), and their use.
  • Experience with high-power fiber laser design, prototyping and fabrication; knowledge of high-power measurement and characterization techniques.
  • Proven ability to independently define opto-electronic measurement procedures, set up and perform required measurements, evaluate results and ability to communicate conclusions to peer engineers and management.
  • Experience with optical non-linear processes (SPM, SBS, Raman, etc.) and recognizing the onset of non-linear effects and ways to mitigate.
  • Excellent communication skills and working knowledge with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other MS Office programs.
  • Experience with optical measurement instruments: beam parameters analyzers, power meters, auto-correlators, fast opto-electronics, oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers/spectrometers, and scanning interferometers.
  • Ability to work independently or as part of a multi-disciplinary team.
  • Expertise in optical design software (e.g. Zemax, FRED).

JOB OPENING: Mechanical/Opto-Mechanical Engineer
LOCATION: Dayton, Ohio
JOB TYPE: Employee, Full-Time


Technical responsibilities include the design and development of fiber array laser systems for various commercial and government customers. He/she will be responsible for technical aspects to include concept design, product development, and opto-mechanical design and analysis of complex systems including arrays of fiber-collimators, imaging systems, and fine mechanical systems for fiber alignment. He/she will design, analyze and assemble laboratory prototype systems to develop technology and product concepts.


  • B.S. (M.S. or Ph.D. preferred) in Mechanical Engineering with experience in design of opto-mechanical systems
  • Hands on experience in the design and fabrication of optical and opto-mechanical components and subsystems, subassemblies and their alignment
  • Proficient in SolidWorks, Solid Edge or other CAD software (SolidWorks is the company standard software)
  • Experience with Zemax or CodeV (Zemax preferred)
  • Ability to liaison with internal and external customers at all levels from quotation to final design, test activities, design reviews, and technical working group meetings


  • Must be able to communicate effectively – in written and verbal format
  • Experience in technical proposal writing for government contracts
  • Knowledge of geometrical tolerances and dimensioning
  • Must be able to work legally in the United States
  • Prefer a strong background in geometrical optics
  • Certified SolidWorks professional certifications
  • Project management and presentation skills
  • Past or active secret clearance a plus

Submission of a portfolio of prior work examples illustrating skills and accomplishments via PowerPoint presentation highly encouraged in the application process.

JOB OPENING: Metallic Laser Additive Manufacturing Engineering Specialist
LOCATION: Dayton, Ohio
JOB TYPE: Employee, Full-Time


This position will require the understanding of advanced manufacturing of materials, processes, and parameters. The candidate will develop tools and methods for multi-scale selective laser melting focusing on metals and melt pool dynamics, powder bed fusion (PBF) operations, and closed-loop processing techniques and monitoring (e.g. surface quality, residual stress distortions, porosity, etc.). The candidate will be primarily responsible for operation of Optonicus’ laser PBF system. Most work will support research for government customers, but some industry partners will be supported as well.


  • BS or higher in Engineering or Engineering related fields (Material Science, Mechanical Engineering, Physics)
  • Knowledge of powder handling and sieving processes, machine operation and maintenance, post-print inspections, and NDE
  • Experience with implementing research programs and working with managers, technicians, and engineers across company disciplines
  • Hands on experience with operating metallic PBF systems, laser energy sources, machine components, and required maintenance
  • Understanding of powder metallurgy and mechanical properties of printed parts
  • Knowledge of protective equipment and safety precautions for PBF operations
  • Familiarity with qualitative tools and software to optimize PBF operations


  • Ability to link process development to materials and properties as to identify opportunities for improvement
  • Understanding of metallurgy to include titanium, aluminum, copper, stainless steel, and nickel-based alloys
  • Proven research and development expertise with experience writing technical reports and proposals
  • Understanding of coupon mechanical testing and interpretation of results
  • Working knowledge of Word, PowerPoint and other MS Office programs
  • Experience in metallic PBF research and technology development
  • Experience with PBF control systems, equipment, and hardware
  • 5+ years of additive manufacturing engineering experience

JOB OPENING: Electronics Technician
LOCATION: Dayton, Ohio
JOB TYPE: Employee, Part-Time


Seeking an electrical technician to provide needed support to create, maintain and/or repair electronic components and equipment used for various optical systems. Job entails working with other electricians, engineers, or scientists onsite to keep machinery and specialty equipment running correctly. He/she will assemble, maintain, test and/or repair electrical/electronic components. Performs standard noncomplex construction and assembly of electronic components as well as testing and troubleshooting of the prototype or production model.


  • Coordinates component layout and assembly procedures with electronics engineer
  • Assembles printed circuit boards and/or electronic components following established methods and criteria
  • Adjusts, repairs and/or modifies electronic components working from blue prints, sketches, drawings and/or diagrams
  • Must be able to work with wires and small tools to construct, repair, or test circuit boards, and solder surface mount components
  • Ability to identify issues and recommended corrective actions to address electrical component problems
  • Sets up and operates standard electronic testing equipment
  • Repairs and/or replaces malfunctioning printed circuit boards as required


  • Technical school (two-year technical degree) or military service training beyond high school preferred
  • Skills and experience—two or more years of related electronics experience