From : "...Department of Defense Selections, Air Force"

Dayton OH June 17, 2013 – Optonicus has received Phase 1 SBIR funding from the US Air Force to address the unique cooling and holding challenges for high energy fiber laser applications that can be used for single fibers and is scalable to multiple-fiber (e.g. phased-array) deployments.

Rapid evolution of high power fiber amplifiers has resulted in ever increasing power levels. These fiber amplifiers are of particular interest in phased array High Energy Laser (HEL) projection systems where multiple fiber light sources are used for coherent combing of beams that will be deployed on air platforms.

Optonicus is developing innovative solutions to overcome critical cooling and holding challenges that will accelerate the practical deployment of high power laser applications. The challenges addressed include: extracting and absorbing the heat generated by laser emissions; mitigating the high energy laser density on the fiber end face; and accurately holding the fiber in place under the large and cyclical thermal loads to maintain pointing stability.