Dayton, OH March 22, 2012 – Optonicus is proud to be Boeing’s subcontractor for a new phased array system for the Joint Technology Office (JTO). JOT has expressed significant interest for phased fiber array systems, but also concerns regarding their maturity as an overall, integrated subsystem on an aircraft. In order to support future implementation of such aircraft-based systems, Boeing proposes to combine its industry-leading experience in airframes with the worlds leading innovators and experts of light propagation through the atmosphere. In response, Boeing has chosen Optonicus, a leading supplier of phased-array laser technology to assess and mature this technology for integration on an airborne platform.

The project will evaluate and mature various concepts for fuselage-conformal phased-array laser systems. Boeing will work Optonicus and its phased fiber array concepts and transition the technologies to an airborne high-energy laser system. The initial phase will focus on integrating architectures with existing system functions and beam formation along with airframe compatibility.