Co-operation with Boeing on Long Range Laser Propagation Project

Dayton, OH June 16, 2011 -- Optonicus was selected as a sub-contractor to Boeing's prestigious "Coherent Multi-Beam Atmospheric Transceiver" project. There is a growing interest in Optonicus' development expertise in optical systems capable of operation over long atmospheric distances (path lengths up to and over 100 km) in various atmospheric conditions and engagement scenarios. Applications for these systems include long-range laser communications, remote sensing, active and passive imaging, target tracking and designation, and laser beam projection (directed energy) systems.

Propagation of optical waves over a long distance through volume atmospheric turbulence can result in significant changes in characteristics of received or transmitted waves and thus dramatically impact performance of the optical systems. The project will study and improve the effects of atmospheric turbulence on coherent beams over long propagation paths. The results derived will help improve mean frame intensity, spatial variance, scintillation index, spatial correlation, and spatial and temporal power spectra of received beams as part of the overall project.