At a glance

The first commercially available fiber-array adaptive laser beam transmitter system. The INFA is composed of a densely-packed array of adaptive fiber optic collimators for coherent and incoherent beam combining.

INFA key features and benefits:

  • Compact, lightweight and scalable output power and aperture size
  • Output power per fiber collimator up to 10 W
  • Built-in capabilities for precision pointing and re-focusing of the outgoing combined beam, and compensation of mechanical and acoustic jitter
  • Adaptive mitigation of turbulence induced phase aberrations
  • Hardware and software flexibility

Multiple applications

  • Laser beam projection
  • Free-space laser communications
  • Smart optical sensing
  • Active illumination
  • Active imaging
  • Laser tracking
  • Remote sensing
  • Beam control


Basic System Architecture Of INFA

Precision pointing

The INFA system provides capabilities for precision pointing of the outgoing combined beam, for compensation of mechanical and acoustic jitter, and for adaptive mitigation of turbulence-induced phase aberrations.

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