At a glance

Optical beam collimation, pointing, steering, automatic stabilization and adaptive tip, and tilt control – all in a single compact module. INFOCO TX offers many features and benefits including:

  • High optical quality collimation of laser beam emerging from a fiber tip.
  • Automatic fast stabilization of the transmitted beam optical axis in harsh operating conditions.
  • Programmable rapid fine pointing and steering of the transmitted beam utilizing piezo-actuators.
  • User specified optical parameters including fiber type, wavelength, and output beam characteristics.
  • Controlled with the INFOCO CU.

The INFOCO TX is an intelligent fiber-optic collimator with integrated piezo-actuators providing high-precision and high-speed fiber-tip position control.

Integrating the compact INFOCO TX module with the INFOCO CU proprietary feedback control unit offers unique capabilities for adaptive control of a transmitted optical beam.

  • Free-space laser communications
  • Compensation of mechanical and/or acoustical jitter
  • Adaptive pre-compensation of random wavefront tip/tilt aberrations induced by refractive index fluctuations

A compact intelligent fiber-optic ultra-high performance device, the INFOCO TX is an optimal replacement of bulky, heavy and expensive conventional beam steering and adaptive tip/tilt phase aberration compensation systems. The INFOCO TX is uniquely suited to hazardous environments, e.g. vibration, acoustic noise, thermal deformation, or atmospheric turbulence.


Download Datasheet

Download Datasheet