From : "...Department of Defense Selections, Air Force"

Dayton OH October 17, 2013 – Optonicus has been awarded STTR Phase II funding from the US Air Force to continue development of an Extended-Range Atmospheric Sensing Suite (ERASS) for Deep Turbulence Characterization.  This pioneering development helps to accelerate development of laser solutions intended for optical surveillance and laser communication systems, operating over extended distances in the atmosphere (up to and exceeding 100 km).

Optonicus is developing a set of sensors for three different wavelengths, capable of operating in strong-scintillation conditions over long (>100 km) propagation paths. The project will demonstrate in the field both near and far-field measurements of major atmospheric turbulence, laser beam and image characteristics – measured simultaneously at several spatially separated sub-apertures.

The Optonicus ERASS development fills the gap in understanding as well as assessment of deep turbulence effects on laser beam and image propagation in strong scintillation and anisoplanatic conditions. The ERASS system also provides data urgently needed for the development of long-range imaging, tracking, space surveillance, laser communications, and directed energy systems.  Further applications include extended-range high-data-rate laser communications, high-altitude imaging for agriculture monitoring, traffic management, and law enforcement.