Dayton, OH June 18, 2012 – Optonicus wins US Air Force STTR Phase II award to further develop its optical phased fiber-array technology. Optonicus has successfully completed the initial requirement of developing and demonstrating coherent beam combining (phase locking) onto realistic (speckle) moving targets in deep turbulence conditions. Now Optonicus will integrate analysis and techniques for beam aimpoint selection and stabilization in highly anisoplanatic conditions. In addition, the contract includes development, testing and evaluation of a fiber-array-based beam director system composed of densely-packed adaptive fiber collimators (sub-apertures) with integrated capabilities for imaging, aimpointing, AO mitigation of atmospheric turbulence effects, as well as coherent combining.

The successful completion of the effort will provide a prototype for a scalable optical phased fiber-array beam director system that will enable the implementation of a new type of compact, light-weight high energy laser (HEL) weapon system for DOD. The developed fiber-array technology is also directly applicable to free-space optical communications, active imaging, commercial aircraft defense, and industrial laser technology.