From : "...Department of Defense Selections"

Dayton OH November 8, 2013 – Optonicus has been selected by Riverside Research Institute to provide wave analysis and propagation performance metrics given density irregularities in the atmosphere. The propagation properties of high frequency EM waves in the ionosphere and the atmosphere have important implications for the performance of over-the-horizon radar, GPS and SATCOM systems. The Optonicus analysis will clarify the adverse effects of turbulence with large scale correlation length, in order to directly map out the evolution of wave-modes over a large parameter space, and benchmark simulation codes for these environments.

To support experiments and help understand the plasma physics occurring in the earth atmosphere and in the ionosphere, Optonicus will also provide numerical simulations using internally developed simulation and modeling tools. This will aid in the understanding of the impact of large scale dynamic coherent nonlinear structures accompanied by short scale density perturbations on propagation properties of high frequency EM waves.