From : "...Navy Awards"

Dayton OH April 11, 2013 – Optonicus has received Phase II SBIR funding to develop a fiber array based solution for the Navy’s future high-energy laser (HEL) systems. Directed energy laser systems are considered as one of the key future technologies in providing an efficient and economic solution for critical missions by the US Navy.

The Optonicus fiber array system will address the US Navy Naval Air Systems Command’s (NAVAIR’s) need for a novel complex field sensor system for directed energy platforms which can simultaneously measure the phase and intensity distributions of target-returned laser beam under the extreme atmospheric turbulence conditions that are common for maritime aircraft and ship-based offensive and defensive applications.

The Optonicus innovative complex field sensor will meet the major requirements of future NAVAIR HEL platforms. The intelligent optical system will significant improvement of the high-energy laser beam quality at the target by mitigating both atmospheric turbulence and thermal blooming effects. The technology can be also applied to active/adaptive imaging systems for target detection and identification to significantly enhance image quality.