Optonicus to Develop Extended-Range Atmospheric Sensing Suite for Deep Turbulence Characterization for the US Air Force

Dayton, OH January 27, 2012 -- Optonicus has been called on to facilitate the growing interest by the DoD for development of laser solutions intended for optical surveillance and laser communication systems, operating over extended distances in the atmosphere (up to and exceeding 100 km). The ability to optimally design, build, and predict the performance of these new systems requires understanding of optical wave propagation along various long-range atmospheric paths that crosses several extended regions of the atmosphere - with quite distinctive spatial structures and temporal dynamics.

As a leader in the area of intelligent optics, Optonicus was chosen to develop a common atmospheric diagnostic suite that currently does not exist. This new Extended-Range Atmospheric Sensing Suite (ERASS) system will also provide data urgently needed for the development of long-range imaging, tracking, laser communications, and HEL beam projection systems and will examine laser beam and image propagation models used for these systems development.