From : "...Dayton Business Journal"

Dayton OH December 4, 2013 – The University of Dayton and a spin-off company are eyeing a $4 million project to boost the use of lasers in manufacturing.UD and Dayton-based Optonicus want to establish a program that would transition high-energy laser weapon technology used by the military into a new generation of manufacturing technologies. The idea is to create a new class of intelligent optical systems that would improve 3D printing, laser cutting and welding.

Better laser technology would benefit the making of military weapons, such as the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter and unmanned aerial systems, and could also be used in commercial applications such as automotive, medical and energy.

Their success could bring more companies to Dayton and boost defence and manufacturing businesses already here. Those two industries combine to pump more than $10 billion into the local economy each year.The school has submitted a request to the Dayton Development Coalition's Priority Development and Advocacy Committee that asks for $1.5 million in funding toward the program. The process evaluates projects and establishes a list of regional priorities and recommended projects that aids the community in speaking with one voice when pursuing federal and state funding opportunities.

UD expects the program to create 64 jobs within 10 years. Officials could not be reached for comment.Optonicus, located at Dayton's Tech Town, is focused on the research, development and marketing of high-tech optical systems.